W O W !

This is definitely the clearest word to explain these three weeks in NYC.  Why? We try to explain.

● We met amazing people (and pets!) in one of the most incredible city of the world. 

● We were there with 4 shows booked and now we are back home with 6 done. 

● The mastering for our new album has been done in a big building on Broadway, and we were there to hear and to see.

● The shows have been all fantastic and intense, one different from another. Something to learn and never forget every time. 

● We called a car service to bring our instruments to the venue, asking for a big car ( like a  SUV or a van), and we found ourselves in a Limousine. All just for 14 dollars.

● We ate: Big Burgers, hot dog, bigger burgers,  fries, bacon, pizza (or something like that), cookies. Cheesecake (once). Fruit (rare). Some (one!) of us tried to drink BEARS!

other remarkable stuff:

NY loft hostel & George Orwell’s breakfast. ● Bushwick, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Man-hat-tan. ● Buildings higher than 100 mt. Yes, skyscrapers. More than 600. As reaps from the sky to the ground. ● The subway and the great musicians playing there. ● “The next L train is now arriving on the Manhattan bound.” / “Stand clear of the closing doors please”  Grocery ● “Sono già a corto di verdoni!” ● CDs cheaper than water, diet coke too.

By the way, too many things happened and it’s almost impossible to explain everything here, unless we tried.

We just would like to thank everybody here who helped and supported us, you’re special. First of all Howard Wulkan, we can just say “WHOHOOOOOO!” Dana Schechter, for her precious help and for being such a sweet girl. M.Fossenkemper for his patience and empathy during the mastering. Luigi Nobile for working hard on the mixes from Italy and for the funny skype calls.  Michael, Pete, Jacqui, Raz, Cooper (Hi5!) and the friendly cats.. and last but not least Giacomo Bruzzo, we simply love you.

Music is the answer. People is the key. Our hearts are filled with joy, ready to go on and on. Forever. 

Keep in touch Here and on our Facebook page to get pictures, videos and some other stories. Love to you all.

we hope to see you soon