Ach, there is no sea in Bristol – What a Letdown! We were so convinced we’d find the sea, that we had started imagining eating fish and chips in front of the sea … Oh well.

Bristol may not have access to the sea, but we immediately like it, and we immediately feel at home (maybe because its a southern city, like our beloved Naples?). As soon as we’ve checked into our hotel we go for a walk, looking for the mythical “Christmas Steps” which served as inspiration for a track by Mogwai … At lunch time we finally try fish and potato pie. Hmm, we suspend judgement…

Suddenly it’s time to go down to the venue

from this moment on we experience a sequence of incredibly joyful moments – The Louisiana in an AMAZING place to start with, then we discover that the stage we’ll soon be performing on once carried Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, Muse and Mogwai, and finally, we meet the owner, whom we discover to be of Sicilian origin and who is incredibly kind to us, offering us oceans of beer (who needs the sea anymore?).

Time to go on stage, we are enthusiastic, the concert is awesome (Henry says it’s “the best he’s heard us playing” – for now that is :-)), everything is in the right place and last but no way least: we meet our old  friend Frank. who took it upon himself to travel far to come and support us. We love you Frank.

What a great day, great city. We want to come back, we need to come back.

The next morning, it’s time to leave for Birmingham – we know this gig is going to be a tough one, as we got the gig at the very last moment. The venue is pub more apt to welcome acoustic than electric sets, no poster is up warning people we are arriving, and, as you might expect on a Wednesday night in the outskirts of Birmingham (What a beautiful city!), no one is there to listen. Oh well.

Thursday morning and we are already driving towards medieval York – tonight we will be playing at Fibbers! (GET YOUR TICKETS BY FOLLOWING THE LINK)  We are soooo excited!

More news soon

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