Dear Friends

We arrive in York in the early afternoon of Thursday and we are immediately bowled over by this beautiful city in North Yorkshire. The Old Cathedral dominating the medieval village seems completely immune to the passing of time…

We promptly go wandering around and immediately checkout the venue we will be playing in tonight, Fibbers.

Oh my, another historical venue, we can actually smell history here! What a magical place, where Nirvana, Radiohead, Muse and so many others moved their first steps…Just after soundcheck we are invited by the owner to his house and are fed a wonderful dinner! An example of incredible british courtesy….endless photos on his wall, framed contracts, all add to the surreal effect….

We are overwhelmed to see how many bands played here, as the guestbook confirms – to dine on the same table as Nirvana and Oasis, Coldplay and Stereophonics is quite a moving experience. The evening flows along with great ease, all goes really well. By the time we’ve finished we’re being asked when we will be back in future!

Now we’re back in the Van, listening to Spiritualized, the sun sits high in the sky and we are travelling along the last leg of our trip.

London : We are coming – JOIN US TONIGHT AT THE BULL&GATE – we start AT 9PM SHARP!