Dear Friends,

The end of a Tour leaves you with a lot inside – in the real world only eight days have passed from beginning to end, yet we feel like 80 days passed for us…You only realise how incredibly tired you are once you set foot home, in our case just under our beloved Vulcano, who looks upon us gently like an expecting father.

We could talk to you about our last performance in London at the Bull&Gate, one of our best ever, but we rather not. Instead we would like to use this space and this time to celebrate the very Italian notion of “Family”. our family.

The Mantra Family grows, evening after evening, gig after gig – our idea and aspiration to carry this ideal abroad is starting to work well, and we are proud! In every family there’s a boss, and our boss Giacomo is the first to be thanked;

In every family there is passion, and all too often nowadays passion comes after business in matters of arts and music; for us emotions, the joy of seeing people happy at our gigs, or maybe angry, or maybe sad, or maybe in love, and to be able to share all this with them is what pushes us to relentlessly do our work to the best of our abilities;

In a family there are people who sustain and celebrate you:We would like to thank all those who helped us during our “english days”, who made the project possible and helped us grow more mature during this time – We thank Henry and his passion for Spiritualized, we thank Lee, his passion for beautiful women and journalistic scoops, we thank Jamie, who pulled it all together, we thank the guys from Infestazioni Soniche, always present at every one of our steps forward, we thank Professor Frank for travelling from afar to see us, we thank Daniele, we thank the guys from Campania Rock and all those new people we had the joy and honour of meeting in person at each one of our gigs, who came to see us and helped us sustain our efforts.

We thank Luigi Nobile, the Great Mother of this Great Family, who from afar always enquired about how we were and if we were not feeling too cold.

It was an extraordinary experience, and soon we will open a new Chapter

15 gigs opening for Teatro Degli Orrori between March 2012 and Autumn 2012, up and down in Italy.

The ultimate aim of any family is to transmit healthy principles, ideals of beauty, of continuity, to tell and share stories, to help one another up when falling, to help one another become better all the time.

Thank you all from the bottom of our Hearts

The Mantra Above The Spotless Melt Moon