It’s been a long time and a long way since we wrote our last post, we were leaving UK to come back in Italy, looking back to an intense 10 days no stop gigging.

Now we took our time and many things happened, the most important is that now we are touring Italy with an important and amazing band, Il Teatro degli Orrori . We are supporting them in five dates of their winter tour and  then there are ten more to come in summer/autumn.

We have been playing in Pordenone, Brescia and Rome (yesterday, we are just back home) and it has been one of the most beautiful and exciting things we’we ever done.

N e x t   d a t e s

23/3/12 BOLOGNA @ ESTRAGON   tickets available on TicketOne

29/3/12 MILANO @ ALCATRAZ  tickets available on TicketOne 

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