Last week end we played in a fantastic venue here in Italy, the ESTRAGON in Bologna, as opening act for Il Teatro degli Orrori.
It’ useless to say how fantastic and exciting was to play in such an important and beautiful place, so we want to focus on something else, something way more thrilling than your first gig in front of a thousand people: driving in Bologna.

We use to say that if you are able to drive in Naples you can drive everywhere, well, it’s no longer true.  Bologna is beautiful, and quite small, but if you don’t know EXACTLY the way to reach you destination the risk is to run in circles around the city for miles and find that you are again where you started. The frightening “T ZONE” (where you are NEVER allowed to go with your car) is pretty undefined, it exists but you can’t see it. The poor iPhone Maps app was going crazy, refreshing the itinerary every 10 seconds but it was always wrong, making Salvio go crazy. :)

So if you are going to drive in Bologna please follow these advices:

1. Beware of the Buses. They are the kings of the streets, never ever invade the bus lane, they will kill you.

2. Beware of the T ZONE. It is difficult to find, but you can find yourself inside it without knowing why or how, but sure that you will receive a high ticket. :(

3. NEVER follow the iPhone Maps itinerary. It’s a ticket machine. Wrong way and bus lanes are guaranteed.

4. Don’t get mad if you have to drive for 3Km to reach the other side of the street, it’s the only way.

5. Rent a bike or walk or, of course, take the Bus.

Of course this is a joke, but it’s funny how we wasted so much time driving without find any solution, but unless we didn’t get tickets!

Enjoy some pictures from this week end

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